Best Blogs

There are so many ways to blog! Is there really a best way?

Take a look at some of the best practices, according to Barry Feldman (2017) include:

  • Answer the questions: Who’s the blog for? What will the blog offer?
  • Monitor your market
  • Ask your readers
  • Bullet points (hey! I like this one!)
  • Comment on blogs
  • Stay consistent

Let’s use our go to department store.. Target! As far as their Twitter and Facebook profiles, I would say they would rate an A+. Answer questions? They have an entire Twitter account dedicated to this! Monitor your market; they have multiple different Twitter accounts to appeal to everyone. Ask your readers; they are constantly engaging with customers to ensure everyone is satisfied and happy with their Target purchases and social media accounts.


Morgan Arnold (2015) explains the idea of “show it instead of just saying it”. Target loves to post photos of their products in different settings and it has really boosted their ratings in the past. Their photo posts receive more responses than any other type they use. Here is one of my favorite:


Another great practice Target has adopted is thinking on a global scale, but posting locally. Big companies often waste chances for more customer engagement by treating their social media profiles as a mass-media outlet. Target often customizes their posts based on the users location, and it gives them more incentive to interact and respond to Target’s posts. Los Angeles, as an example:


Finally, Target is great at social engagement. They have a long history in engaging their local communities to get involved. A great example of this would be the ”Give With Target” campaign that used recurring posts on their social media sites to encourage their customers to vote for their favorite local school. The school with the most votes was rewarded with Target gift cards to use. 25 votes for one school would give them a $25 Target gift card. Each school could earn up to $10,000!

“Give With Target” was so successful that they raised almost 3 million dollars (overachieving their $2.5 million dollar goal) in donations and was able to meet this ahead of schedule.

Give with Target.jpg

Personally, I think “Give With Target” is my favorite way they have used social media yet! I think they should make this an annual thing if funds allow. What is your favorite practice that Target has implemented?




Arnold, M. J. (2015, February 07). Target on Social Media – 5 Lessons from One of The World’s Most Successful Retail Brands. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from

Feldman, B. (2017, January 10). The Business Blogging Plan: 50 Best Practices. Retrieved March 13, 2017, from


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