Mobile App Success Stories

Department stores with their own mobile applications have been able to use them to bring their customers special deals and coupons as well as work with them to find out exactly what they are looking for at the best deal, where it is available, and how soon they can get it. Sure, has special deals for basically any store you are looking for, but when you go directly to the store application it is a customized and personal experience to bring you exactly what you are looking for.


Below are some of the highest rated and user-friendly applications for department stores in our current market.


Nordstrom has an app that tops many lists as a favorite when it comes to retail stores simply because it efficiently shows the basics for someone who isn’t as computer or smart phone savvy as some others, explains Ben Davis (2014). Customers can browse by department or brand and all of the main functions in the app are clearly listed at the bottom of the page. There is also a “style section” which has an editorial and social content so customers can engage with one another on their experiences.


One again, Target is on the top of the list for showing how it’s done in this business. Sig Ueland (2011) explains how the Target app helps you find the products you’re looking for to ensure your shopping trip and easy and quick. There is a “My Lists” feature on the app where you can make a list before heading to the store to shop. You can manage your lists and registries and even find a friend’s. It allows you to search your store to make sure all of the items you want are available (as well as showing what section and aisle you can find each item in). There are also features such as store locators, barcode scanners to either add products to your list or get product details, and coupons for daily and weekly deals.


Similarly to Target, Walmart has found success in their mobile app, according to Ben Davis (2014). Walmart’s functionality on the app as well as their user experience is exactly what customers are looking for and the app shows numerous offers on its homepage. It has been said from reviewers of the app that it is easier to navigate through on a phone than looking at it on a computer.



Finally, something that JC Penney does on their app that is a little different than the rest would be offering special offers that you can only get from the app. According to Sig Ueland (2011), they have a “special deals app” (different from the regular JC Penney one) that allows you to get deals that you will not see anywhere else, as well as allowing access to your special rewards, coupons, and bring them up for scanning straight from your phone. As we know from previous blogs, JC Penney is not as successful as they once have been in the past. Here’s to hoping that their easy to use, money saving app can help bring them back to where they once stood in the market!






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