New Age Stores Soaring

New age stores are coming to terms with the facts.. without an active social media presence, millennial are less likely to shop at your stores! You might have seen many Sears, Kmart, JC Penney, and more stores not doing very well in the economy today. One thing they all have in common? Weak social media sites. They often go days and even weeks without even posting a single update.

See which Kmart store is closing its doors

Though social media is still a new concept to many business, especially the ones that have been around for a while, without mastering or at least becoming familiar and efficient at using the tools there is a much higher chance of failure. According to Klaudia Tirico (2016), the biggest thing social media marketers face today include:

  • Understanding which social tactics are most effective (92%)
  • Figuring out how to best connect with people (90%)
  • Locating ideal customers and prospects on social networks (86%)

Marketers need to realize that social media is a large part of how people get their information today. They shouldn’t work on their accounts minimally just for the sake of having one, but should use it to their advantage on getting closer with their customers and figuring out exactly what they need to do for their business to succeed!

One thing I have seen more of lately that can really create a buzz is Snapchat filters sponsored by stores. Snapchat is one of the newest platforms that businesses have been able to engage in and it has really gotten their sales soaring! They can really get their name out there! You can’t find a millennial without a Snapchat nowadays. Many people don’t only use the filters on snapchat, but they screenshot it from there and post it to their many other social media sites.

Once again, Target comes to mind! They sure know how to use their social media sites to the fullest. They are an example of how to do it right. When they launched the mens grooming brand Harry’s, they announced it by using the Snapchat filter strategy mentioned above and it really got the buzz going! The filter would remove and add any facial hair on the person with their facial recognition software, and it was a great way to get the word out there. Another way Target is so successful when using Snapchat is they have 10 second promotional videos embedded in the snapchat messages feature. By users swiping up, it will reveal product pages on a mobile site where the user can buy direct while still in the Snapchat app. This, according to Klaudia Tirico (2016) is one of the best examples of e-Commerce meeting social media advertising to date.

Thanks for reading!


Tirico, K. (2016). How Leading Retailers Created Successful Social Media Marketing Strategies. Retrieved February 19, 2017, from


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