Facebook vs Twitter

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Today I want to talk about Facebook vs Twitter. Nowadays, it is hard to find someone who doesn’t have both of these never mind only one. I want to talk about the department stores and their online presence. Specifically, I will focus on Target and how they use their social media profiles to connect with their customers.


Target doesn’t just have one twitter account, rather multiple. You can follow “Target Deals” if you want to just follow when the sales are, or you can follow their more active twitter profile that has news about more than just deals but the entire Target store and news pertaining to it. They have almost 2 million followers on their stores page, and are tweeting almost every day. One thing that i think they do well is engage with celebrities on their Twitter page. It seems like celeb’s have a much better Twitter presence than Facebook nowadays, and it really excites customers if one of their favorites is promoting something. I saw this with Jessie James Decker partnering up with Target for hair perfume. Really?! Hair perfume! I would never think twice about it, I wash my hair daily, my hair smells great already! But when I see Jessie promoting it, I somehow find myself wondering what it smells like… if I should stop by Target and pick some up. It is clearly working, because Decker is now coming out with her own lotion to sell exclusively at Target!


Similarly on Facebook, Target has multiple pages you can follow. “Target Style” will show you trends you can buy at Target, while the overall store has their own page with almost 24 million likes. It is a fact that more people use Facebook than twitter, and Target uses that to their advantage by constantly engaging in conversation and righting any wrongs they have been faced with by their customers.

When customers write on Target’s wall about a good or bad experience, I almost always see responses coming straight from Target themselves. They offer support if they are not hearing that the customer is satisfied with their experience. If they are getting praise, they take the time to thank the customer and showing that they are truly taking pride in their excellent customer service. It is nice to be acknowledged.

These are both great ways to advertise their store and be able to engage with their customers to be able to provide the best possible customer service they can.

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